Partnering for Shared Success

At Catapult Water Midstream, we have developed a compelling partnership model that is focused on fostering long-term integrated relationships and providing extraordinary client service that exceeds expectations.

Our process for a successful partnership development begins with a deep understanding of your water challenges. By gaining this knowledge we are able to propose an innovative and customized solution to fully meet your needs through our capital, technology and expertise. We roll up our sleeves, execute cost-effective solutions and regularly review opportunities to improve and enhance our working partnerships.


Our Partnership Model Is Focused On Building Long-Term Integrated Solutions
And Providing Extraordinary Client Service



Develop A Deep Understanding Of Your
Water Challenges


Propose An Innovative Solution That Meets
Your Needs


Iterate Solutions Based
on Your Feedback


Achieve An Agreement
To Proceed


Execute, Plan And Regularly Review Opportunities To Improve And Enhance Working Partnership



We make your water security our priority by providing reliable disposal and treatment of water for reuse. This reduces dependency on fresh water supplies and helps preserve our lakes and rivers. Catapult produces substantial savings through reduced logistics and third party volumes.

There are numerous benefits to partnering with Catapult, including significant budget reductions. Our partners receive cost savings on water management, priority access and partner specific pricing. Catapult achieves additional cost cutting for our partners by putting the facility capital on our balance sheet – not yours. This greatly improves the return on capital deployed by our partners. By working alongside your operations we can reduce water-handling costs by up to 50% through increasing asset utilization with third party volumes. We establish a long-term, transparent relationship with our valued partners that sparks continuous support and development.

We look forward to becoming your water management partner.



Our effective field service solutions provide key benefits for the producer as well as key benefits for the community.

Transportation: Producers benefit through our pipeline connections that takes trucks off the road and reduces logistics costs. While increasing safety and lowering the carbon footprint for the community.

Development: By increasing capital savings more CAPEX is directed towards the drill bit and is a key benefit for producers. The community will benefit through higher royalties.

Environment: By reducing trucking and turning waste into an asset, producers are able to lower costs. This minimizes environmental footprints while lowering the impact on ecosystems surrounding our communities.

Water Security: Catapult provides producers with access to reuse water on demand that maintains natural levels in our lakes and rivers – an environmental win for our communities.