Partnering for Shared Success

Catapult offers water management services through our network of treatment facilities, storage reservoirs, disposal wells and pipelines. We make your water security our priority by providing reliable and flexible services.

We have developed a compelling water midstream business model that offers oil and gas producers with a means to divest of its water management infrastructure, reduce its water handling costs, and improve overall ESG metrics.


Our Partnership Model Is Focused On Building Long-Term Integrated Solutions
And Providing Extraordinary Client Service


By transacting with Catapult, our partners can unlock the inherent value in their water infrastructure and significantly improve its return on capital deployed.  By working alongside your operations, we can enhance your companies ESG performance metrics and reporting as well as reduce water-handling costs by increasing asset utilization with third party volumes.

We look forward to becoming your water management partner.


Our effective field service solutions provide key benefits for the producer as well as key benefits for the community.

Transportation: Producers benefit through our pipeline connections that takes trucks off the road and reduces logistics costs. While increasing safety and lowering the carbon footprint for the community.

Environment: By reducing trucking and turning waste into an asset, producers are able to lower costs. This minimizes environmental footprints while lowering the impact on ecosystems surrounding our communities.

Water Security: Catapult provides producers with access to reuse water on demand that maintains natural levels in our lakes and rivers – an environmental win for our communities.