Client-Focused Solutions

Catapult Water Midstream has established itself as an industry leader, providing full cycle water management solutions to drive down costs for our partners. We pride ourselves on safely managing the disposal of Class II and Ib fluids generated through Oil and Gas activities. We position our operations to reduce your logistics costs. Additionally, we offer pipeline connections to our facilities and provide regional services for multiple producers to further reduce surface damage and traffic.

Through interaction with our partners, we acquire insight into water challenges to achieve unique disposal solutions, establish long-term agreements and plan for facility expansions.

Through collaboration, Catapult is able to offer our partners:

  • priority access
  • assured disposal capacity
  • minimized wait times

Fluid Disposal Experts

Catapult specializes in the full life cycle of water management. We focus on storage, treatment, re-use, and final disposal of Oil and Gas fluids.

Produced Fluids

Flowback Fluids

Re-use Fluids

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