Ken Truscott

President & CEO,

Why did you choose Catapult?
KEN: As a board member I had the opportunity to understand the business model and get to know a number of the employees so the decision to join Catapult as CEO was an easy one.

Of the Catapult core values, which ones most resonates with you, why?
KEN: It is very difficult to decide which of our very important core values is most important to me but given only one choice, the respectful workplace resonates with me the most.  It comes down to how you want to treat others and be treated.  I have learned from many intelligent people throughout my career and all of those individuals believed in respectful relationships.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
KEN:  I was retired for two years and I enjoy the re-invigoration regarding the space in which Catapult operates and the upside it holds for employees, Directors, shareholders and our many stakeholders.

What excites you most when you think about the future of Catapult?
KEN: Water management will become more regulated as we move forward and Catapult is in a position to take a leadership position as the space evolves. We have excellent staff to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves and we can make a positive impact on Environmental Issues, Social Issues and Governance Issues.

How would you describe yourself in one word?
KEN: Compassionate