Sustainability Drives Our Success

At Catapult, we have five core values. One of which is Sustainability. Throughout our operations, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of trucks on the roads and at the same time increase the amount of water we are able to treat.  Our vision, “Change the game in water sustainability through collaborative partnerships” speaks to how we support our Partners with their environmental impact, while we continuously aim to improve our own.  In order to do so, we develop our facilities an infrastructure in locations specifically to reduce trucking distances for our Clients and Partners.  Our goal is to reduce emissions and we are excited to be able to find innovative ways to decrease our environmental footprint.  The key to this goal is to continue to work with our Partners to pipeline connect to our facilities, alleviating water security concerns for both operators and local communities.

By sharing valuable insights gained from years of experience, Catapult is collaborating with industry and regulators to develop long-term sustainable solutions and pioneer best practices to continually reduce freshwater usage.